She's always had a passion for music, even when she was younger, watching her mum putting her 78's on the turntable at a very very early age and listening to all her vinyl in them days. On the odd occassion she was lucky enough to use the turntable aswell. (It was her mum's pride & joy)
In 1989 she went to a place called Inn On The Park, here she was checking out dj's such as Warren Le Sueur, Stuart King, Sasha, Carl Cox, Lisa Loud, John Kelly, John Digweed and many other great dj's out there. THere she say's was an amazing place (R.I.P) that had an amazing vibe and amazing dj's to go with it. Sometimes when Inn On The Park finished @2am there was always a healthy bunker party (German WWII Built Bunker) to go to afterwards, attracting a very large amount of people with such an awesome atmosphere. This is where Sasha love for Rave / Dance muzik began, constantly turning up and supporting these night's she decided in 1997 to buy some decks and get into the mixing side of this scene. It was only 6 months after owning the turntables that she managed to persued the Manager of the wharehouse Nightclub (Jersey, C.I) to let her play out in his club. Here she built her own night, where she promoted and had local guest dj's play along side her. She then took her love for music and djing to other clubs around the island, playing a mixture of all things house, breaks and trance. warming up for the likes of Stuart King (Sunday Club) and Mistress mo (Gift from the god's) aswell as doing main peak time set's. Since then she played many many guest slot's for various promoters around the island, and in the last 4 years has managed and promoted another night called...The Red Light Session's, which over the years has had a healthy following.
In 2005 Sasha decided that she wanted to play out in countries other than Jersey. She built her website and started promoting her music to the www. She has since played on Numerous internet radio show's like Di.Fm / ETN.FM / Scratch N Spin/ Proton / Underground-Sounds and of course Frisky radio!! name just a few! Here she has held residencies and also has guest mixes from all of her favourite dj's and producers like...RND / Jason Randolf / Paolo Mojo / Chris Lake / J&S Project / Mike Hiratzka /16 Bit lolita's /Ricky Stone/Derek Howell/Parallel Sound and more established and up and coming producers and dj's that she currently follows.
One of Sasha Set's was put forward to a competition @ MdM (mixdiscmonthly) where there was thousands of entries she shone through winning top place and earning herself best mix for the month October 2005.
Her love for muzik now goes into the studio where she write's and producer's muzik with another dj/ musician James Leaman & dj/ producer Stevie Fitz. Here they have formed a collective known as C.O.U. Muzik (Collective, Organized, Underground, Muzik) Which seen their debut release "Charly Wobblers Day Out" signed to Also just completing a remix of Matt Rowan's "Foresight" track which has just been released on Fiberlineaudio. Toryumon U.K the label has also Licensed their track "Dirty Sundae" for distribution in Japan. More releases are going out in early 2007 with the label 'Gravitation'.
When she's not mixing, promoting her radio show's or producing tracks, she works for the label 'Source Of Gravity' as : Artist / U.K Rep / Promotions. 2007 look set to be a very busy year ahead for this hard working female dj.
AFFILIATION: Scratch N Spin Radio / / / C.O.U. Muzik / / Dirty Disco/ Toryumon U.K / Source Of Gravity/ Gravitation / /