As I had promised several weeks ago, here is 1 of 3 solo mixes that I am releasing this year.

I've titled this one "Destroy All Boundaries"

The motivation behind this mix was simply to put my most recent DnB order to good use. This is the first actual weekend I've had off work to really kick back and enjoy the time off, so I said "Fuck it, why not?" Not to mention, It's been nearly 5 years since I first made a DnB mix.

Grabbed the new records, pressed the record button, and this is what came out of it:



Loxy & Ink - Killing Season
Evol Intent vs. Ewun - The Rapture
Krusha - Kriminal
Current Value - What's In It
Krusha - Pledge Allegiance
SPL - Global Chaos
Evol Intent - Glock Party
Gein - Father of Lies
Tech Itch (Feat Jakes MC) - Critical Switch (Infiltrata & Hochi remix)
Evol Intent - Street Knowledge
Paul Blackout - Revolution
The Enemy - Dying Time
Enduser - The Return (OHM Resistance VIP)
Kid Kryptic - Foreign Skin
Code Blue & Panacea - Graveyard Twist
Mumblz & Dave Akuma - Testing Reality
Krusha - Room 101

71 minutes of dark & heavy drum n bass.

Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it!