11 winners will get $1,000 each and be featured on a new album set to be distributed by Universal in 2009!

K-OS has been a hip-hop innovator since the critically-acclaimed release of his debut album Exit in 2002. Socially-conscious, progressive, and experimental, K-OS's sound always pushes the envelope. He's at it yet again, this time by inviting musicians around the world to mix the stems for the 11 songs that will be featured on his upcoming 2009 album, entitled Yes! These songs have not been previously released to the public, and K-OS is looking to you to help him define his newest musical creations.
The 11 contest winners will be featured on the companion album to Yes! scheduled to be distributed by Universal in the spring of 2009, and will be paid $1,000 each for their work. Sign up for the K-OS Studio Access program and be part of music industry history. Check back here often for blog posts, videos, and other updates from K-OS
There are 9 songs up now for you to get started on. Check back in a bit for the last 2!

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