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Tonality comes at you with a seminal release for all those deep heads,a release that bends the boundries and blurs the lines.

Tonality is a label dedicated to exploring the realms that exist deep in our primal soul.
Our mission and mandate is to create a truly global sound by fusing the future sounds of Detroit, the deep vibe of Paris, and all the amalgamations of sound that stem from NYC.
Together we explore the heartbeat of the human spirit in all its forms.

For release #04 we have the Stockholm based outfit known only as the Groovenauts.
The title Track Acacia is some serious deep in the groove shit here,a stunning blend of signature Groovenauts afro beats with heavy analog Bottom.
For the remix duty it is of course the Legendary Jay Tripwire doing what he does best,a stripped down deep tech version that would sound at home on Basic channel or Innervisions.
Keeping with the tree theme the Nauts dazzle us with the mighty Baobab, A tribal heads groove perfect for mixing ,layering or keeping the steady groove.
Mr. Tripwire Delivers on of his many special edits in the form of ADKL originally by the Groovenauts, but arranged by the man himself.

Acacia (original)
Acacia (ADKL)
Acacia (Jay Tripwire remix)

DIGITAL RELEASE on Nov 26th, 2008!!

Selected Feedback:
“I really like ADKL & Jay Tripwire remix, nice stuff. Thanks” – Milton Jackson (Freerange)

“Fucking excellent like the old school deep tunes, I love it very much. Will play a lot!” – Laurent Garnier

“Cool, I like it – Acacia is really nice, both mixes. Warm and very deep” – Shur-I-Kan (Freerange, OM)

“Acacia’s hot – a nice, moody, deep track. Lovely warm synths on the original and really diggin’ the Tripwire remix as well. Will play both.” Andy Compton – Rurals

“A burglar who broke into a home just east of Fresno rubbed food seasoning over the body of one of the two men as they slept in their rooms and used an 8-inch sausage to whack the other man in the face and head before running out of the house, Fresno County sherriff’s deputies said Saturday” – Joe Dipadova (Got Soul, DSOH)

“Another Solid release from Tonality. Digging all the mixes but Mr. Tripwires mix is the one for me. Cant wait to play this late night in a dirty room somewhere” – Mathew Bandy (DeepHouse Soldiers)

“This is ethnic cosmic deep house of the highest order. Sonically mixed to perfection and designed for the most discerning dance floors. People who like Charles Webster or Ron Trent should love this record.” – Mazi (Dessous, Fresh Meat)

“Shit is deep with a bounce……How I like it:” – Tommy Bones (Real Tone NYC)

“I LIKE THIS ONE (Jay Tripwire Remix)” – Franck Roger(Real Tone – Paris)

Support also from:
Jimpster, Rocco, Lars Barenroth, Trinidadian Deep, JoJo Flores, Luke Mckeehan and Master Kev, Boddhi Satva, Bradford James, Soy Mustafa, Patrick Turner, Manstud Rani G, Nic Horton, Mili Sefic and Mieka du Franx.

(click image for vinyl release)