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post processing - after recording a mix cd
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Thread: post processing - after recording a mix cd

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    post processing - after recording a mix cd

    I have been working on a new mix CD. The only recording hardware I have is my desktop computer. I have been recording with Sound Forge 8.0 (kinda old I know) and I also have Reason 4.0.

    I am wondering I any of you have any tips/tricks on post processing after you record to make the final product sound as clean, crisp, and still bass heavy as possible.

    Thanks for your help,

    John M.

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    I use an app called Goldwave, it has many options and effects, however the only thing I really use is normalizing the sound levels. I thinks soundforge has some of the familiar effects.

    Also, make sure you are recording in Wave format for optimum sound quality.
    Teshka Mashineria

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