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What do I need to record straight from my mixer?
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Thread: What do I need to record straight from my mixer?

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    What do I need to record straight from my mixer?

    I am wanting to make a demo...but the only way i can do it now....is to record it to a tape first...then i have a cd burner that will burn it onto a disk, but tapes are only an hour long and i want at least 70-80 minutes. I just want to record my set live and have it being burned while i do it or for it to be ready to burn when im done. How do I do that?

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    Is your CD burner in the computer? If so, then

    1. Get a Dual-RCA to miniplug cable
    RCA is what the record-outs on mixers are, and miniplug is what the soundcard input is

    2. go from record-out on the mixer to line in on the soundcard

    3. record in your wav editor

    4. burn to cd


    If you have a stand-alone, component CDR:
    1. get a rca->rca cable
    2. connect record-out on mixer to line-in on cdr
    3. press record and go


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    If you have a Stand Alone CD burner...and want the best possible sound:

    Get ahold of a mini-disc recorder with a digital ouput, then use a digital cable to go from the MD player to the CD burner.

    When you first record on the MD you will have 1 big track, but after you've finished recording you can go back and the MD recorder will let you divide the tracks exactly where/when you want to with no gaps. You will then have a MD which is digital and divided into separate tracks. You can now burn the CD from the Mini-Disc and you will get a duplicate of your MD at 44.1K Digital Sound!!!!!!!!!

    and blank mini-discs usually come in various lengths, 74 & 80 mins and even longer!

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    You could also go buy a Nomad Jukebox like I have. It's an mp3 player/hard disk recorder, and it kicks much ass. The one I have has a 6gig HD in it, but they have a 20gig version now as well. It weighs less than a pound so it's very portable, and the sound quality is nice. You'll have to do a little post-production to beef up the sound levels, but that's something you should do for any CD anyway.

    Normalizing is your friend.

    You can pick the version I have up for $200 or less, the 20gig is probably more expensive.
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    But if tape is your thing...

    A 4-track recorder is a perfect idea. It allows you to master mix the track before it is layed down on tape, AND you can do punch in editing. Also, you could use the recorder as your mixer, enabling you to record 1-4 turntables, on seperate tracks of the tape. They usually have noise reduction features and most are stereo sound compatible. I got mine from a friend for my old Bass guitar. A straight up trade. It is the Yamaha MT4X. or is it MTX4... any way, that is the best way to go for tapes. Also, you can find a tape longer than an hour... try Guitar Center or Mars, but it will cost you more.

    If CD is your thing: Nomad IS the BOMB!


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