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Big ups for Craze
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Thread: Big ups for Craze

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    dj chavo

    Big ups for Craze

    I have never seen craze live and good god what a set. He tore it up all the right ways. It was bad ass!

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    HELLS YEAH! Craze is da man! I think he should have his fingers bronzed for posterity after he dies. Just a thought...

    ~ Jaime

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    Yo, Craze is somewhat of a god in the tablist community, dude has crazy skills. If you like his style, check out the rest of the Allies team, A-Trak, Klever, Infamous, Spictakular, J-Smoke, Develop. As a team they all tear shit up, much like ISP. Craze is definetely the most well-rounded though. Props on the thread bro.


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    yes yes yes...

    we heard Craze throwin down when we got to the party with some Pharcyde. Talk about not being able to wait to dance. Craze is the illest!
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