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Last minute Cancellations
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Thread: Last minute Cancellations

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    Last minute Cancellations

    Sucks when you wanted to go to All-Star weekend and then you find out you can't go.

    Favor denied (although not really the person's own fault). It was a security issue.

    Sorry Rooz and Jonny. Looks like I'll be watching on TV as well now.
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    Oh, and props to the DDM womens for lowering our already low expectations of you.
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    i dont care how good you are at something, im still not jumping on the American bandwagon of rewarding people for bad behavior or being a douchebag. Look whats its done to most of society. Now, because people see acting like that getting rewards, the world is overun with douchebags and bitches thinking behaving that way gets them what they want or respect. Sorry, it's lame.

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    Re: Last minute Cancellations

    Bollocks, man.

    Were you around when the San Antonio one happened somethin' like 15 years ago?
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    some badass drummond base

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    Whoever decided to combine chicken with cocaine is a fucking genius.

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    Re: Last minute Cancellations

    You shouldn't have mentioned DDM. That makes you a known threat.
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