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Horrible Apartment Management!
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Thread: Horrible Apartment Management!

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    Horrible Apartment Management!

    So I am moving out at the end of April and I gave my 60 days notice. I find a house and I am competing with one other person. Century 21 is waiting since last week for my rental history, which my apartment management refuses to give until I pay my last month's rent. (Is that normal? Century 21 acted as if it wasn't and they said they were being very difficult) Anyways, so I paid my apartment rent today because I just found out that policy of theirs, so they would my rental history. C21 gets my rental history and contacts me saying that my apartments labeled me as a late payer. I have NEVER paid late! I raise hell and am very pissed! I get C21 to call back and verify, this is after I had my sister (an attorney) send a nice threatening letter for slander and false information. The girl at my apartment said that she didn't understand the question and filled it out wrong.

    Seriously!?! You have to fill these out all the time and you misunderstood? I have had a few complaints before and this same girl was seriously a rude bitch to me. I have always been a great renter and been nice, even when I'm upset. Seems like this girl just has it out for me. What a shitty process...hopefully I get the house and all is good.


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    Re: Horrible Apartment Management!

    You live in Denton...

    Don't EVER EVER rent anything from Jimmy Brown or Scott Brown. They will be up your ass so badly you'll feel like you've been fucked by a train. My room mate and I planned to move out when our lease was up. I told this to the lady as I gave her our last month's checks. But because we didn't send it to them in writing, they tried to stick us with an increased month by month rate for the month AFTER we were scheduled to move out.

    Not sure why but it seems like my living situations in Denton were nightmarish. Every time. For one reason or another, usually shitty room mates.

    I love living with people because I'm a people person, but then I realized that people suck.
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    Re: Horrible Apartment Management!

    I used to say that a lot, I just found out that I suck too, or started to suck recently.
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