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  1. Edm party at madison's square 18+
  2. Afterlife shut down today by Dallas Permit and License board
  3. This happened to me today
  4. Email annoyances
  5. SoundCloud...you trippin.
  6. Planking/Owling
  7. Troll ban
  8. Texas Freedom Festival downsized/moved due to fire hazard
  9. Healthcare
  10. DnB @ EDC dallas
  11. Heard mike roos got popped in the grill LMFAO!!!!!
  12. Cat farts.
  13. DDM login duration
  14. soooooo itchy!!
  15. I hate winning
  16. Seriously? Only ONE???
  17. "Hell Track"
  18. So Uh.. Thursdays, What Happened To You?!
  19. Insurance/ Doctor bills
  20. I work with a girl that says O-M-G
  21. Whatever happened to the 'useless Blabber' forum?
  22. I hate
  23. Need good clubs in dallas/fortworth
  24. Dear UTA,
  25. My friend wants to go to PH tonight but doesn't know if her ID will get her in?
  26. dear highpitched coworker
  27. Ravelinks.com- a replica of DDM? A malware pit? Actual site?
  28. New Years
  29. Fuck Apple's GD updates!!!!
  30. There used to be hair-metal bands..
  31. Clear Channel killing EdgeClub after 20 years
  32. E.P. begins to make amends...
  33. Another saturday night with nothing to do
  34. The flu
  35. Ass hole neighbor.
  36. Dallas night life not as good as other US Cities
  37. Golden Knights
  38. Expand Your Everyday--Good or Bad Idea?
  39. derp de derpety derp
  40. Why I think bullying isn't such a bad thing...
  41. Stick-on Port holes on cars
  42. Spilled paint
  43. People that don't read an entire email.
  44. Witchit
  45. For Fuck's sake!
  46. Sometimes, ya just can't win..
  47. Fuck I'm getting old
  48. To all the idiots who were talking shit about EDC Dallas and jockin up EDC LA
  49. people too lazy to use the cart return?
  50. This has to end!!
  51. The heat
  52. Farmers Branch PD
  53. shut the fuck up
  54. Finger Lights shined in my eyes
  55. Oh for Christ's sake....really? REALLY!?
  56. Cicadas
  57. I love Dallas.
  58. In light of Ottica deleting his boohoo thread
  59. I cant stop pooping.....
  60. Fat people in uniform
  61. Megaupload users
  62. My Saturday Night wasn't all that special..
  63. Huge SUV Bitches
  64. People who tell you there personal stuff, that you would rather not hear..
  65. corporate acquisitions
  66. Who the hell?
  67. Fuck TXU!!!! Robbing Everbody!!!
  68. Car Dealerships/Shopping
  69. Thieves: 1 Michael: 0
  70. Subway
  71. God damn ocean.
  72. The new VW commercials
  73. Waiting for my new ID .....
  74. Getting my stuff stolen sucked
  75. Sexting your exes...
  76. Insomnia
  77. electric cars
  78. waiting till the last minute to do something, only to find out the system is down
  79. Fucking Shoutbox...
  80. being at work and not being able to look at the friday bewbs thread
  81. People who shit themselves, then shake the turd out their pant leg.....
  82. Mouth-Runners
  83. To whoever made this website layout....
  84. Stolen email - What to do?
  85. Hoes who bitch about people bitching about the new look....
  86. Bitching about the new look
  87. This is whack
  88. Fat women who always wear exercise clothes
  89. Howling dog...gonna get muzzled
  90. soft spoken or low talkers
  91. Slow drivers in the fast lane
  92. People that don't appreciate where they came from.
  93. Dell - TL;DR
  94. purse stolen, lost cellphone - SEND ME YOUR DIGITS, my friends
  95. Strangers striking up conversations
  96. Mother fucking idiot Professors.
  97. No new lost tonight
  98. Fuck!
  99. Chest Pains
  100. Numark NS7 & Serato vs Win7
  101. Yahoo
  102. Wireless Mics
  103. Passive aggression
  104. I'm in that "I want to irrationally hurt someone" kind of mood
  105. Edge fest
  106. having a migraine on the day of your tattoo appointment.
  107. fucking youth in asia
  108. Mr. Neighbor guy why must you..
  109. Fucking Magnets
  110. Fucking Volcano
  111. scratch on a DVD that you FINALLY get around to watching
  112. The Internet is dead to me...
  113. \Chocolate Milk Appreciation
  114. Hipstamatic for the iPhone
  115. Gullible Ass Women
  116. Income Tax
  117. did 102.1 layoff their webguy?
  118. Now my fuckin Dryer is busted!!
  120. ATT watering down their service
  121. Ebay scams.
  122. Baby Rabbits
  123. Popcorn Jelly Beans... again
  124. Chocolate Milk
  125. WTF is up with my clocks?!
  126. I don't want your rave flyer on my car bitch!
  127. Clash of the Titans
  128. OVerrated 3D movie experience!!!
  129. I want my Vista back....
  130. One absence away from fired
  131. Lock out services/Lock Smiths
  132. fuuuuuuuuck today
  133. Fucking Strong Ass WIND!!!!!!!!!
  134. So tired of this cuntface bitch
  135. People who burn Popcorn at the office...
  136. 11 packs
  137. Snow
  138. SXSW sucks
  139. LinkedIn invitations *embarrassed
  140. Gays and Lady Gaga
  141. Public service announcement: Restaurant nose blowers will receive cock or vag punch.
  142. Arsonists for hire?
  143. The games girls play
  144. Fall 2.0
  145. Being sick during your spring break.....
  146. working from is awesome, except...
  147. It looks like a hurricane hit my yard
  148. When your wife's in labor
  149. Presonus WTF
  150. selling your car and forgetting.............
  151. AT&T's piece of shit website
  152. Late Nite > Daytime
  153. @ebay reserve prices
  154. rant - wedding invitations
  155. Busted phone
  156. backing into parking spots...
  157. Rain..
  158. I Hate It When...
  159. WTF?! Facebook account disabled!
  160. Unapproved thread posts
  161. Evere thrown up so hard you shat yourself?
  162. Horrible Apartment Management!
  163. WFAA is going to get me fired
  164. rear ended
  165. Worthless piece of shit!
  166. New System, New Problems..
  167. Why in the hell do govt. office close so fucking early
  168. pets
  169. Motorola Cliq- anyone else have one? RANT!
  170. What gave you any inclination that I would know .......
  171. god damnit iphone updates!
  172. Cradit Card/ Gas Station Teller
  173. Pot holes!!!
  174. popcorn flavored jelly belly
  175. For the love of all that is holy!
  176. soundcloud
  177. GunShot
  178. Last minute Cancellations
  179. Fuck you, Corporate America!
  180. Witchit...
  181. The most annoying song on earth
  182. I don't understand you, Dallas
  183. Dell Hell
  184. Crazy ass snow on the road to marfa
  185. old
  186. Pity party
  187. my roomate...
  188. Chillin' like a villain
  189. Microsoft Fanboys
  190. Pill heads leaving a pile of shit for everyone else to deal with
  191. Allergy unappreciation thread!
  192. Tracy Morgan......
  193. Ive been all sorts of let-down this week
  194. I Tunes
  195. Our cat got hit by a car today. FML
  196. little boys playing the girl in the mirror
  197. Porn with Condoms!!??!
  198. Wack!!!!!!!
  199. Black dynamite
  200. Wisdom Teeth Removal
  201. Shopping
  202. Having to go see a boss at the hospital..
  203. The Grammy's
  204. Yuck weather
  205. I am an IDIOT
  206. Why doesnt wiki have a nice-big-long write up on selda!?
  207. To all the people that invited me to PH after-hours
  208. "Game"
  209. Half price books pricing
  210. Damn Hernia
  211. Florsheim Shoes = FAIL
  212. Appendicitis
  213. how much does it cost to wreck?
  214. robots from the future
  215. miami drivers...
  216. why does everything need to be moderated??
  217. Handicap Folks...
  218. guitar tabs
  219. really? Break dancing is your special skill for a job application?
  220. WTF is going on with schools out there?
  221. that's it. i'm DONE with driving cars!
  222. I have PMS
  223. Ugh
  224. what the fork?
  225. 1 hour on the phone with my Aunt trying to help her w/Facebook...
  226. People's Business Sense....
  227. Getting Strep Throat for the 7th Time...
  228. Worst Wendy's in Dallas!
  229. grande communications
  230. 5+ Hr Energy Shots
  231. Yelping and "singing" from up above....
  232. famous people and their award shows.
  233. Please pray for me....
  234. studio hell
  235. Sore throat and ache
  236. Becoming bitter...
  237. Thanks...
  238. BONES-tv show
  239. Shitty Online Classes
  240. Getting Interrupted
  241. Replacing my dvd drive on my Xbox 360
  242. The original GD Bible/Miles&Xian philosophy thread
  243. homophobia has gotten out of control..
  244. Party Rock Tour SOLD OUT
  245. Inconsiderate Co-Workers!
  246. people that say love, sweetheart, babe, or doll when the person they're speaking to i
  247. A situation. NEW AND SHOCKING UPDATES!!
  248. on being a Latina.
  249. DIY garbage
  250. Recording singers...