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the official weekend thread appreciation thread
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Thread: the official weekend thread appreciation thread

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    the official weekend thread appreciation thread


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    this ][ close
    awesomesauce with a side of crunk
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soccer Mother View Post
    Oh, and props to the DDM womens for lowering our already low expectations of you.
    Quote Originally Posted by djredeye View Post
    i dont care how good you are at something, im still not jumping on the American bandwagon of rewarding people for bad behavior or being a douchebag. Look whats its done to most of society. Now, because people see acting like that getting rewards, the world is overun with douchebags and bitches thinking behaving that way gets them what they want or respect. Sorry, it's lame.

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    omfg i can't wait!

    Quote Originally Posted by FarangBa View Post
    YOU SIR, are an absolute waste of human DNA. The lack of intelligence and (more importantly) the lack of tack that you have displayed on this forum is pretty despicable. So there's really no further need for your ignorant rants, drive-by defamation, and sickening antics.

    Quote Originally Posted by Roos
    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Scholwinski View Post
    and just because she's pregnant doesn't mean she can't be hit in the face.
    Quote Originally Posted by ms. shankley View Post
    seriously, since when did dallas get all superficial and a rip off to go out???
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