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A ? about strip clubs
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Thread: A ? about strip clubs

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    A ? about strip clubs

    1) What's the average rate for a lap dance?
    2) Why can't you molest the girls with money?

    The 2nd question is in response to my ladyfriend being told my the bouncer, "You can't molest the girls with the money." My ladyfriend was rubbing her dollar on the stripper's tummy while she was laying there with her legs spread on her back.

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    and just because she's pregnant doesn't mean she can't be hit in the face.
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    seriously, since when did dallas get all superficial and a rip off to go out???
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    $20 for a lap dance. That is always the price.

    As for #2, the bouncers usually care more than that girls on where you stick the money.

    Just don't grab ass and titties unless the stripper puts your hands there.
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    Well technically there isn't supposed to be ANY touching. So rubbing a girl with or without money is probably illegal.
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    Judging by Karen's legs, I think she could probably outrun just about any crackhead out there and not even break a sweat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damnsammit View Post
    $20 for a lap dance. That is always the price.

    As for #2, the bouncers usually care more than that girls on where you stick the money.

    Just don't grab ass and titties unless the stripper puts your hands there.
    true, plus it depends no how much you spend on this chick and if she is receptive to you... so yea, if halfway through the evening, she invites you to the dirty corner, chances are you can start to casually molest. You just have to feel out the situation first.... oh!! i just punned!!

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