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More facebook lol's
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Thread: More facebook lol's

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    take a left at the cow

    More facebook lol's

    "The goal of evolution is Higher Intelligence—the sequential development of the nervous system—increasingly capable of receiving, integrating, and transmitting a wider spectrum of signals of greater intensity, complexity, and speed." T.L.

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    Re: More facebook lol's

    respect and positivity...

    ..:: :: stephen :: ::..
    .oO Phuturithims Oo.

    Quote Originally Posted by -m- View Post
    living life slug style.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sexual Chocolate
    "Go Mavs!"

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    Re: More facebook lol's

    “The searching-out and thorough investigation of truth ought to be the primary study of man.”
    - Cicero

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoko Phono View Post
    I can work a pole but not of the stripper variety.
    Quote Originally Posted by Damnsammit View Post
    You need to unplug, bro, because apparently the internet is somehow shooting sand directly into your vagina.
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    Fucking asshat(s) of the year:
    Kanye West (Swiftly back on here)
    THR (he is staying here permanently)

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    Re: More facebook lol's

    OU (Sucks) Wall Of Shame:
    Quote Originally Posted by The Jesus View Post
    Turns out UT's the better team.
    Quote Originally Posted by Longhorn Jones View Post
    If UT pulls a miracle out of its ass and somehow manages to beat OU, I'll change my DDM name to Longhorn Jones.

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    Re: More facebook lol's

    lol, i was at work tellin a guy i had tranny fluid all over me the other day. We loled.
    Quote Originally Posted by djredeye View Post
    like the man says...if youre swimming in the ocean and get bitten by a shark, its not a shark attack. Youre in THEIR neighborhood. If youre at home in your shower, turn around and a shark is in there with you...THATS a shark attack

    "Listen to her. How can she make a song written by a machine sound so beautiful?" Winston Smith - George Orwells 1984



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