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Corrective rape - happy friday
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Thread: Corrective rape - happy friday

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    Corrective rape - happy friday


    (CNN) -- A 24-year-old who was stabbed to death in South Africa is the victim of "corrective rape," gay rights activists said Thursday, a crime where men attack lesbians in an attempt to reverse their sexual orientation.
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    all women are bad drivers
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    Someone should have put out the memo that Robin would fuck for coke a few years back when she was still hot.
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    we already have a fernie and her name is robin

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    Re: Corrective rape - happy friday

    South Africa has a history of seriously fucked up practices. Like the assholes who filet open and rape infants thinking they will cure them of aids. These people need to be killed in the most brutal way.


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    Re: Corrective rape - happy friday

    nothing like sleeping with an underage virgin to clear your puff-penis.

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    Re: Corrective rape - happy friday

    Thats what your mama say after I bang her.


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